A trial that even christ had to go through

June 24th 2023

Solitude is a state of consciousness that everyone, even the greatest Initiates, must go through at some point in their existence. It is a dark and empty space in which we no longer know where we are or where we are going. Christ himself passed through this dark and deserted space when he said, ‘My God, why have You forsaken me?’ Everyone will one day experience this indescribable solitude. Why? Because it is when we feel alone and abandoned that we develop true faith, hope and love, not when we are happy, satisfied and surrounded by friends. In reality, no one is ever abandoned in the true sense of the word, each of us is surrounded by spirits and entities of all kinds. When we go through certain ordeals we may feel alone and abandoned, but in reality, no, solitude does not exist. That is why there is no other way to get through this inner state than to rely on the Being who sustains all the worlds and all the stars; we must believe in this immortal Being, love Him and hope in Him.*

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