Do not concentrate abruptly

June 30th 2023

When you want to meditate, do not try to concentrate abruptly, otherwise your brain will seize up. Our mind likes to wander and roam, which is why you must start by giving it free rein for a while. This instrument, known as the brain, must be put to work very gently, just as you would let the engine of your car warm up before driving off. Begin by putting yourself in a state of peace and harmony then gently lead your thought in the direction you want it to go: after a while, it will be at your disposal and will obey you. Whereas if you want to dominate and control it abruptly, it will retaliate, rear up and even knock you down. You must be very clever and very diplomatic with your thought, which is difficult. But when you know how to dominate it, you are able to concentrate and do such powerful work that it does not stop all day long; it continues in the same direction without further intervention on your part.*

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