Heavenly hierarchy

Knowledge of it is indispensable

July 1st 2023

The Book of Genesis tells how one night, Jacob slept with his head upon a stone and while he slept, he dreamed that he saw a ladder linking heaven and earth upon which angels were going up and down. Jacob’s dream was a revelation of the celestial hierarchy that extends from the earth to heaven and which is represented in the Cabbalah as the Sephirotic Tree, the Tree of Life*. A knowledge of this hierarchy is indispensable to our inner lives. If humans understand that everything, from the stones of the earth to God himself, is linked hierarchically, and if they keep this idea of an ordered structure in the universe constantly in mind, they will be obliged to behave accordingly, because they will realize that everything must fit into its proper place in the universal harmony. If most human beings today are so troubled, if they have lost all understanding of the meaning of life, it is because they fail to respect the true hierarchy established by Cosmic Intelligence since time immemorial.*

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