Life constantly offers us new problems to solve

July 13th 2023

New needs constantly arise in society, creating new problems and new activities. Life itself is responsible for this. Life flows and circulates, bringing with it new elements and turning in new directions, and humans are obliged to follow its lead. They have to go first one way and then another, or else they have to change the direction of the current, as is done for certain rivers. Life refuses to let us stagnate; it forces us to explore all kinds of different places, in order to see, understand, feel and act in every possible way. So we must constantly search for solutions to the new problems life offers us. But, however diverse they may be, there are really three kinds of problems: they always concern either the intellect, the heart or the will, or if you prefer – but it comes to the same thing – the spirit, the soul or the physical body.*

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