Those to tighten and those to cut

April 2nd 2012
Have you ever thought about the role connections play in your life? From electrical wiring to the telephone, the radio, computers, and so on – what a lot of tangled connections! And what are human relationships if not connections we weave between ourselves and others – and sometimes cut – and for this we need good judgment. For if there are some connections it is good to tighten, there are others it is better to cut. What is freedom? The ability each one has to know with whom or what they should make connections or indeed sever them. The force that makes connections is love, and the force that breaks them is wisdom. There is so much more to discover on the subject of connections! What is a magic wand? A kind of cord that connects the world below with the world above. And what are the sun’s rays? Cords the sun sends down to us each day, cords we must grasp to help us reach it.