Breaking the law

Adding debts to be paid

July 16th 2023

Someone says, ‘I shall do exactly as I please!’ Very well, do so. You will shove people aside, put your feet up on the table, eliminate whatever stands in your way, and behave in a thoroughly outrageous manner, but one day you will find yourself caught in a vice, for everything we do entails consequences. ‘Caught?’ you will say, ‘Why should I be caught?’ Because, whether you know it or not, by trying to assert your own power, you are constantly breaking the law, not only human law, but also – far more seriously – divine law as well. In this way, you are preparing the very worst conditions for your brain, your heart and your whole organism. When human beings try to prove to themselves that they are strong and independent, they are taking a very dangerous path, for every time they break the law, they are adding another debt to those they already owe, and one day they will be crushed by the weight of those debts.*

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