Not only on the physical plane but also on the psychic plane

July 17th 2023

If you study the human digestive system, you will see that it is perfectly designed to receive and digest food, and discard anything that cannot be assimilated. If some element interferes with the proper working order of the kidneys or intestines, a person is gradually poisoned. This principle applies not only on the physical plane, but also on the etheric, astral and mental planes. If a person fails to eliminate the waste products of these planes, they will be poisoned by them too.* A great many people already suffer from psychic poisoning because their astral and mental bodies are saturated with the waste produced by their chaotic thoughts and feelings. They do not realize that there are elements that must be expelled on those levels too. And how can they do this? By applying all the methods of purification proposed by lnitiatic Science.*

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