The sages and initiates receive it first

July 21st 2023

When a truth dawns in the world, who is the first to sense it and receive it? The masses on the lower echelons, or the sages and Initiates who have reached a higher level? Which places on earth capture the first rays of the sun as it rises on the horizon? The plains and valleys or the mountaintops? Of course, you will all answer that it is the mountaintops, so how is it that you have never interpreted this phenomenon? Why is it that in life, everybody thinks that sages and Initiates are mistaken and that the majority, the masses, are right? How could the Lord reveal himself to all sorts of people who have neither conscience nor morality, who stop at nothing to satisfy their lower nature and refuse his light, to those who live in the utmost purity and work tirelessly to reach him? This reasoning makes no sense. Is it the masses who are first to see the sun rising? No. Then why should you follow them? The first to be lit by the sun’s rays, the first to show that they are attuned to light, the first to discover sublime truths, are the Initiates – genuine Initiates. It is they whom we should follow. As for those who remain on too low a level, God alone knows when the light will reach them!*

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