It seeks to manifest itself through matter

July 22nd 2023

Nothing in nature indicates that the spirit would like to rid itself of matter. On the contrary, we can see that it works on and through matter, and causes it to evolve. From the very beginning of the world, the spirit has shown that it wants to use matter and to transform and spiritualize it, to make it as vibrant as light. If the spirit refused to have anything more to do with matter, it would no longer be able to manifest itself, for it can manifest itself only through matter, which is its betrothed, its beloved wife. Only ignorant human beings urge them to divorce. A Teaching that tells you to separate the spirit from matter should be left strictly alone. The one true philosophy tells us that the spirit has descended into matter in order to manifest itself through it. Of course, this is a gigantic task, but the spirit is never discouraged. It keeps coming back to celebrate its union with matter.*

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