It awaits us following an apprenticeship

July 23rd 2023

You are princes and princesses, and a kingdom awaits you. Why should you be discouraged and in despair simply because you have to wait a little longer for it? You complain, ‘Yes, but in the meantime I’m living like a pauper; I wear myself out at work; nobody has any respect for me; people even insult me!’ True, but in order to educate you, your father the king has sent you to do a short apprenticeship. The Lord is wise and far-sighted. He says to himself, ‘When this child begins to rule, he will have immense power over millions of creatures, but what will happen if he has never developed qualities of kindness, patience or courage? He will be mean, lazy, capricious and cowardly; he will behave like a tyrant and expect everyone to be at his service. This is why I will not let him come into his kingdom until he has shown proof that he will never abuse his power or his wealth.’*

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