Desires and projects

Never neglect the moral aspect

July 25th 2023

When you want to fulfil a desire of some kind, try never to neglect the moral aspect of it, otherwise you run the risk of committing serious mistakes. If you want to be rich, for instance, you must picture yourself sharing your wealth with those who are in need, and not be content to imagine how you will use it for your exclusive enjoyment. If you desire beauty, here too you have to be careful: do not seek the kind of beauty that wreaks havoc in human hearts, and drives them to despair or to crime. Concentrate on spiritual beauty, the beauty that inspires and elevates others, and propels them towards heaven. The tragedy of human beings is that they never bring moral consideration to bear on their plans and projects. Even when they join a spiritual teaching, many people do so only in the hope of finding ways of gratifying their personal desires.*

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