Is spread throughout the universe

April 3rd 2012
On the whole, the only idea humans have of love is of something they can give each other. In fact, love is spread throughout the universe, but in such a subtle, bright form they neither see it nor feel it. And yet, what a man is actually seeking from a woman, and a woman from a man, is nothing other than this intangible element. When they embrace, what have they received? They have taken nothing from each other that they could eat or drink. So long as they fail to understand that what they are seeking is not the body, not something to hold, touch and possess, but a spiritual element, they lay themselves open to disappointment. This spiritual element which men and women have still not learned to give one another is, in fact, divine love. The kind of love that can be absorbed and breathed is the only one not to leave behind any impurity or dissatisfaction. The initiates, who have sacrificed everything to find this love, always feel happy, gratified, fulfilled, because they drink at the source of divine love.