Highest moral law

Love your enemies

July 26th 2023

Jesus said, ‘Love your enemies’ but this is very difficult to do. There are not many people, even among Christians, who have made up their minds to love their enemies. We do not even know how to love our friends properly, so how can we possibly love our enemies? Analyze yourselves and you will see that this is the most difficult thing in the world, and yet there is one being who has fulfilled this commandment perfectly, and that is the sun. Whatever you do, the sun will continue to send you its light and warmth. The sun is the only one that has ever solved the problem; it even loves, nourishes and vivifies unbelievers and criminals. If you want to understand the highest moral law, you will find it in the sun, nowhere else. Other people talk, but they never practise what they preach; whereas the sun does not preach, it only practises. It will never say, ‘I love you all; I love my enemies!’ No, the sun does not say a word, but it continues to give them light and warmth.*

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