Inner peace

Free yourself by making amends for your mistakes

July 27th 2023

Many people think that they are strong enough to do whatever they like with impunity. No; if they do wrong, sooner or later they will suffer from the disorder* created within them by their bad actions, for their conscience will be troubled, and they will lose their inner peace. Even a magus, who commands the whole of nature and who is obeyed by the spirits, is not exempt from this law, because there is no power in existence capable of restoring the peace of someone who is tormented by the consciousness of guilt. You must rely neither on your strength nor on your will, but only on your good, honourable actions. This is the only way to be free. As soon as you break a law, you lose all your powers, and they will be restored to you only when you make amends for your misdeeds. The difference between true magi and ordinary human beings is that magi always correct their mistakes very quickly. This is where their power lies, in their ability to make amends. As long as they have not corrected their errors, they are powerless to ease their conscience. But as soon as reparation is made, this acts indirectly on their conscience, and their peace is restored.

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