Collective life

Thinking of others, of all of humankind

July 30th 2023

Those who do not participate in the collective life do not realize to what extent they are limiting themselves. They move within the narrow circle of their own desires, appetites and feelings, and never think of others. How paltry and pathetic! This limited state is normal for a child, but not for an adult. An adult must show that they are able to think of others: of wife or husband, children, but also of colleagues or employees, and so on. And even this is very limited. Their circle must expand more and more to encompass their country, race, and the whole of humankind – and even further, until it embraces immensity, infinity. Rare are those who break free and reach beyond all limitations, those whose desires, thoughts and interests all converge on the collectivity, the universal dimension of life; but it is towards this that we must endeavour to work. *

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