Nourishing ourselves

With light for the sake of our brain

July 31st 2023

Human beings are accustomed to nourishing themselves on solid, liquid and gaseous elements, and that is all. But what do they do with the fourth element, the igneous element, fire, light? Not much. They do not know how to nourish themselves with light, and yet light is even more vital than air.* Humans need to nourish themselves with light for the sake of their brain, for the brain also needs to eat, and light is the food of the brain. It is light that awakens the faculties that give us access to the divine world. You will say that when you eat and drink and breathe, you are nourishing your whole body, and that includes your brain. That is true, but as long as you are content to nourish your brain only with solid, liquid and gaseous particles, which are not the elements it most needs, your powers of understanding will continue to be very limited. Tradition tells us that Zarathustra once asked the god Ahura Mazda what the first man ate, and Ahura Mazda replied, ‘He ate fire, and drank light.’

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