Try to foresee what they might lead to

August 1st 2023

Suppose someone thinks to himself, ‘I will never bow to others. No one is going to step on my toes and anyone who gets in my way had better look out!’ Well, it is impossible for such a decision not to have an effect on their character as well as on their behaviour and their relations with others. They will become increasingly suspicious, arrogant, harsh and vindictive, and everything they do will have the same aim: power, domination and violence. This is how, with one thing leading to another, they will be in danger of drifting into crime and you all know how that story ends! Similarly, those whose goal is money, pleasure or renown also embark on a set course, and they too will be unable to avoid the consequences of their choice. So, be very careful about the decisions* and plans you make for the future; try to foresee what they might lead to.

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