Knowing oneself

In order to progress spiritually

February 15th 2011
Humans rarely have an objective opinion of themselves, and this is just as true of those on a spiritual path. Even those who are highly evolved can be frightened by the immensity of Initiatic Science, by just how far they are from the goal they must reach; they feel wretched, and the poor opinion they have of themselves paralyses them. Others, however, who are totally limited in their understanding, see themselves as great initiates, geniuses and divinities. As there is nothing in their lives to justify the good opinion they have of themselves, they go and consult so-called mediums or clairvoyants, who have an interest in deceiving people in order to attract clients and, therefore, tell them fantastic stories about their incarnations – they were saints, prophets, geniuses; all the famous and glorious names from history get a mention. But what use can it be to them, since their present reality shows them daily how mediocre and ordinary they are? One of the greatest impediments to spiritual progress is delusions about past incarnations. Anyone who really wants to progress, to evolve, should not waste their time with clairvoyants but study and work at getting to know themselves. Only by having a true assessment of themselves will they progress.