Done correctly, it gives results

August 5th 2023

Some people ask, ‘Why should we pray to God?’ The truth is that God does not need our prayers, but He has equipped us with certain devices and tells us, ‘Switch them on yourselves for they are well built and they will work!’ You have all seen those automatic vending machines in stations that dispense food and drinks. It is you who make them work; the station attendant does not need to get involved. In the same way, God does not need to get involved in the functioning of our inner machines. It is enough that he has given them to us, and it is our job to put the coins in the slot and make them work. If you pray correctly, you will get results because your prayer is the coin you put in the slot. Every time you pray, you release a force both inside and outside yourself and this force sets certain wheels in motion. This is why you feel peace, joy and beauty flooding into you. The effects are both internal and external.*

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