Protecting oneself from negative influences and currents

August 13th 2023

It sometimes happens that you walk down a street and pass a place where criminals are doing something dishonest. If at that moment your own inner state is negative, your vibrations will be tuned to those produced by the crimes that are going on nearby, and you will be influenced by them. You may even be driven to do something wrong yourself without realizing that it is because of the fluidic emanations you picked up as you walked by. This is why it is so important to pay attention to the quality of your inner disposition; it is the only effective way of defending yourself against negative influences. It is no good relying on charms, talismans or any of the trinkets that charlatans sell on almost every street corner nowadays.* You yourself must work on your own thoughts and feelings so as to attract only the purest and most luminous currents.

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