Sexual energy

It must further our spiritual growth

August 16th 2023

The young people of today think that in obtaining sexual freedom they have won a great victory. That is true: it is a great victory over the hypocrisy and narrow-mindedness that prevailed for centuries. But has this really solved the problem of sexuality? After repression comes release... and now the door is open to every kind of physical and psychic disorder. It is no good thinking that the problems will be solved by teaching people to use condoms and contraceptives or by legalizing abortion; and to forbid these things is just as pointless. It is not a question either of permitting or forbidding anything, but of studying and trying to understand. Sexual energy* is an age-old force against which it is useless to struggle. That does not mean that we have to be enslaved by it; we have to know that there are ways of channelling and directing it to further our psychic, moral and spiritual growth. It is up to each individual, once they have sought and received these explanations, to reflect and decide how they want to behave.

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