It satisfies only our physical needs

August 18th 2023

Matter is so diverse and rich that there will always be things to see, hear, touch, taste and acquire. This is why human beings, who first began to explore matter many thousands of years ago, sometimes forget themselves and become lost in it; our modern age is an increasingly giddy descent of human consciousness ever deeper into matter. But even if matter is inexhaustible, it can satisfy our needs only on the physical plane.* Eventually, there will come a time when human beings begin to feel satiated, saturated, and they will feel the need to climb back to the regions of the spirit. They will sense that by returning to the heights, they will retrieve all the riches they had to leave behind when they descended into matter. Not only will they regain these riches, but they will also have a far better understanding of things, and will be able to benefit fully from all that they have acquired on the physical plane, where there is so much to study, work at and enjoy.

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