True strength lies within, in the spirit

August 25th 2023

Initiates teach that instead of spending our lives trying to acquire external powers, which will never really belong to us, it is far better to work to acquire those powers inwardly. This is the task before us, this is what we must work at, for true strength lies within;* it dwells in a living, thinking, active being, capable of decision and constructive organization. This is why the Initiates have given us rules and methods that allow the complete, perfect and absolute manifestation of that being who contains all things and disposes of all things: the spirit. You are familiar with the formula given by Master Peter Deunov: ‘Niama sila kato silata na douha; samo silata na douha e sila bojia.’ ‘There is no strength like the strength of the spirit; only the strength of the spirit is the strength of God.’ It is in the spirit that we must look for strength, for true strength is in the will and intelligence of the spirit.

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