Meaning of life

Only the divine world can give it to us

August 30th 2023

To find the meaning of life is to find an element that only the divine world can give;* and it gives it only to those who persevere for years and years in their efforts to reach it. For the meaning of life is the reward given for the patient, unceasing inner work of transformation that a person has undertaken on themself. Once a person reaches a certain level of consciousness, they receive an electron from heaven, which like a drop of light, permeates the matter of their whole being. From then on, their life takes on a new dimension, a new intensity, and they see events with new clarity, as though they had been given to understand the meaning of everything. Even death is no longer feared, because this electron reveals to them the immensity of the eternal world in which there are no more dangers, no more darkness. They sense that they are already walking in the limitless world of light.

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