We must not try to escape them, but try to solve them

August 31st 2023

It is human beings’ lower nature that urges them to neglect their work and responsibilities and to do only what gives them pleasure. But those who always try to avoid every effort or difficulty must know that they will inevitably encounter even greater problems. Instead of sidestepping their problems, they would do better to look for solutions; otherwise they will find themselves in situations far worse than those they tried to avoid. Until we have solved a problem and learned what the invisible world intends us to learn from it, there is nowhere we can run to for escape. Wherever we go, we will only find ourselves faced with even harder lessons. The invisible world says, ‘You refused to learn anything there, so now you have something else to learn here!’ We must not run away from difficulties,* but endeavour to understand what they mean, and do whatever is necessary to resolve them. Once we have managed to do so, everything else we undertake from then on will be beneficial.

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