They possess great sensitivity when they are very young

September 7th 2023

Parents must try to understand the subtle relationship that very young children have with the visible and invisible worlds, for children possess a sensitivity that adults have lost. This sensitivity stems from our distant past, when humans were aware of being at one with the living organism of nature.* This is why children perceive animals, plants, stones and objects as living beings to whom they can talk and with whom they are friends. Some children are even in touch with nature spirits; they see them, smile at them, and have long conversations with them, listening to them and replying. But little by little, this contact is lost because of the attitudes of adults, the things they say and the way they bring up their children. For the good of their children, but also for their own inner development, parents should give this question some thought. They should observe their children throughout their early years, so as to read the true secrets of life in the book of their children’s soul.

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