We are free to do good or evil

September 8th 2023

God wanted human beings to be free* to choose their own destiny, and the spirits from above have no right to intervene in this choice. If humans decide to get themselves in trouble, the spirits must let them do so. The proof of this is that over the last several million years, the spirits have never interfered when humans fought amongst themselves and inflicted great suffering on each other. They wait patiently, knowing that sooner or later even the most stubborn of humans will eventually understand – they have the whole of eternity in which to do so! If a person wishes to become a saint, they let them do so. If someone decides to be a criminal, they again let him do as he chooses. But these spirits know that there are laws governing all of these things, and that the criminal will suffer and come to grief. They can foresee this but they leave everyone learn for themselves, and draw their own conclusions. We are free therefore to do as we please. The laws will punish us for our evil deeds and reward us for our good deeds, but the choice of doing good or evil is left to us.

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