Though discarnate, are also polarized as masculine or feminine

April 8th 2012
An episode in the Gospels relates that the Sadducees came and interrogated Jesus about the resurrection of the dead. And Jesus replied, ‘When they rise from the dead, they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.’ Many have concluded from this that angels are asexual and that, in the world beyond, men and women also become asexual spirits. No, when we speak of spirits, we are speaking of discarnate beings, but you cannot say they are asexual, since they are polarized as masculine or feminine. Polarization exists in all regions of the universe, from the physical world to the throne of God, because without polarization there can be no manifestation. Spirits are, therefore, polarized as masculine or feminine; they exchange love continually, and out of these exchanges springs the rich and abundant life that extends throughout space. The fact that they do not take a husband or a wife does not mean they have no exchanges. On the contrary, like the sun’s rays irradiating the whole of creation, they irradiate one another with the pure rays of their love, and they live in eternal beauty and joy.