Thoughts and feelings

Be aware of the boomerang effect

September 15th 2023

Your thoughts and feelings, depending on their nature and the strength you give to them, follow a predetermined path in space, before returning to the centre from which they were launched, that is, yourself. If these thoughts and feelings are pure and generous, they will return to you as blessings. If they are poisoned by the venom in your head and heart, you will soon know about it! This is what is referred to as the boomerang effect,* and it is a law that works for both good and evil. Of course, even if you are a disciple of Initiatic Science, you will not manage to control your thoughts and feelings overnight, but the main thing is to become increasingly aware each day of the importance of this issue. After a while, not only will you be in control of your psychic life, but when strange and harmful influences try to attack you, you will be able to repel them.

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