Academic knowledge

Useful but superficial

September 16th 2023

Academic knowledge is useful as it greatly enriches human beings and provides them with a job, prestige, authority and money. But this knowledge will not transform them because it is superficial; it does not reach the depths of their being. You can accumulate as much knowledge about mathematics, geography, history, and so on as you like, but if you are timid, sensual, greedy and prone to anger, your learning will not change you; you will remain timid, sensual, greedy and prone to anger! For example, no university will teach you about the hereafter or about life after death and reincarnation. So no matter how great your scientific learning, without knowledge of these essential subjects you cannot expect to have that hope, conviction or strength of will which would enable you to transform yourself. Whereas if you learned about how our souls continue to live in the other world and how they reincarnate, the revelation of these laws would make it impossible for you to remain the same, you would be compelled to become more mindful of both your outward and inner behaviour.*

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