A source of either good or bad influences

September 18th 2023

A magus who prepares a talisman must know the relationship* that exists between physical objects, the forces of nature and the beings of the invisible world. For what is a talisman? It is an object that, due to the metal from which it is made and to the signs and characters inscribed on it, is able to absorb and retain various forces. That is why the magus links it with invisible beings, so that it may be a source of influences, either good or bad, harmonious or chaotic. But a white magus will only prepare talismans that produce beneficial influences. The work of the magus is identical to that of nature, which fills stones, plants, animals and even human beings with a particular essence that can subsequently be used. We can thus benefit from the presence of these natural energies in all things, but we must be aware of the laws and always make use of these energies for the good of all.

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