Obtained through the practice of virtues

September 19th 2023

There is a branch of physics that studies the strength of materials, as it is very important when building housing, dams, bridges, tunnels and so on, to know how these materials will react to pressure, vibrations, shock and wear. The aim of this research is to find out which materials are the strongest and the best suited to the conditions to which they will be subjected. In the same way, Initiatic Science accords great importance to the strength of those materials you will use to build within yourselves something strong enough to withstand winds, floods and earthquakes; in other words, those internal trials and tribulations to which you will be inescapably exposed. The strongest materials are those you gain through the practice of the virtues of goodness, fairness, purity and wisdom. Cosmic Intelligence condemns all matter not enlightened by the Deity to rapid disintegration.* You can build a resilient body only by using materials infused with divine strength.

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