Heart and intellect

They must work together

September 21st 2023

A blind man and a man with no legs were brought before the judge one day, accused of stealing all the fruit from an apple tree. The legless man said to the judge, ‘But sir, how could I do such a thing, when I have no legs?’ And the blind man said, ‘How could I be guilty when I can’t see a thing?’ This left everyone very perplexed until suddenly someone in the audience, a bit more clever than the rest, called out, ‘If the man with no legs stands on the blind man’s shoulders, together they can pick all the fruits from the tree!’ And of course this was how it had happened. The blind man carried the legless man, and the legless man, who could see perfectly clearly, said, ‘More to the left or the right, forward a bit, back a bit.’ Well, the man without legs represents the intellect, perched on the shoulders of the blind man, the heart. The heart with its feelings, desires and wishes, is below. The brain, the mind, which is above, steers the tandem so that together they achieve their goal. This is how the heart and mind* work together to commit crimes or to carry out good deeds, depending on whether or not they are enlightened by the soul and the spirit.

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