Cosmic love

It gives us time to mend our ways

September 23rd 2023

What misleads human beings is the fact that the consequences of their thoughts and actions are not immediate. When they give in to their chaotic feelings, or do something reprehensible, they see no disastrous results and they feel just the same as before and sometimes even better. Why has the Lord arranged things in this way? To give human beings the time and the opportunity to see the error of their ways and make amends. Instead of raining blows down on us immediately, cosmic love gives us a breathing space in which to put our affairs to rights and lead a better life. If you break a civil law by cheating on your income tax for instance, it takes a few months or even years before the taxman catches up with you. Meanwhile you still have time to mend your mistakes. The same thing applies to your inner life: the chance that is given us to revise and correct our mistakes is an aspect of cosmic love.*

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