Perfect, becoming

Must be the only goal of spiritual practice

April 9th 2012
Spiritual practice requires us to begin to pacify, tame and direct all our inner tendencies, until there is but one goal: that of becoming perfect. You must be very clear about this. The moment all the particles of your being become attuned to the idea of self-perfection, they will vibrate in harmony, and your experiences of the invisible world will be of real benefit. Otherwise, spirituality will become a hazardous undertaking for you. Do not think access can be gained to the invisible world in complete safety, for it is also the abode of countless creatures, not all of which are luminous, benevolent or well disposed towards humans. But it is those, not the angels, that you encounter if you force your way in and your intentions are neither pure nor disinterested. It would be like going for a walk in the jungle, where you could be attacked by the animals – big cats, snakes, poisonous insects, and so on. Well, this is precisely what happens to those who want to venture into the invisible world with another purpose than that of perfecting themselves.