The teaching

It contains everything we need to overcome our sorrows

September 26th 2023

Our teaching contains everything you need to solve your problems and overcome your difficulties and sorrows. The only problem is that you do not realize it. After hearing or reading my lectures you say, ‘Oh how beautiful, how magnificent. I feel wonderful, uplifted!’ and you look no further than these feelings of joy and wonder. You never really register anything in order to apply it to your own life. Feelings, sensations, joy and pleasure always take precedence. Such an attitude is detrimental not only to the spiritual life, for even if you spend your life travelling, reading, and going to concerts, the theatre or to museums, you will remain ignorant, feeble and wretched. Whenever you get the chance to do something enjoyable or pleasurable, always try to see what you can learn from it* – this is the quintessence of wisdom.

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