Force yourself to rise to the level of reason

September 28th 2023

You have still not understood why the brain is situated at the top of the body. If you had understood, instead of always staying below on the level of the heart, instead of suffering and weeping and drowning in your emotions when you are in difficulties, you would force yourself to rise to the level of reason, intelligence and light. When sorrow* or disappointment make you feel like crying, say to yourself, ‘Very well, a few tears, if you insist. Let me get my handkerchief ready. But wait, first, I must think on things.’ So you think it over, and in doing so you find a solution much sooner than if you had given way to your emotions. If you do not do this, you will weep and wail for hours – until sheer exhaustion forces you to stop – and the next day your tears will start all over again. But tears and lamentations solve nothing. Instead of always being concerned with your feelings, why not move to the spiritual region of pure reason, pure wisdom and pure light?

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