Isis unveiled

Contemplating her is the culmination of the initiate’s journey

October 9th 2023

Contemplating Isis unveiled: this is the culmination of the Initiate’s journey. By means of their purity and wisdom, Initiates bring down the veils of Isis, of nature, one by one, so that they can behold her in all her manifestations, know her every secret, know her in all her beauty and light. This is why, symbolically, ideally, a woman who stands disrobed before her beloved represents Isis unveiled before the eyes of the Initiate. Human beings, understanding nothing of this, have desecrated everything, but the fact is that throughout their lives, they unknowingly repeat the mysteries of initiation, the mysteries of Isis. Why must the bride, who is covered in veils, reveal herself on her wedding night to her beloved so that he may behold her? Almost no one understands the profound, underlying reason for these customs anymore, and that is a pity. This is why you at least should try to prepare yourselves to approach one of the greatest mysteries of nature: Isis unveiled.*

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