Thoughts to offer help

Like little angels that come to the rescue

October 10th 2023

When you think of helping someone, of comforting and soothing them, your thoughts go swirling around them like little angels to the rescue. What a pity that no one sees them, neither the person who sends these thoughts, nor the one who receives them!* It is true that it is certainly better not to see everything that goes on in the invisible world. Why? Because human beings, who are unable to nurture good thoughts and feelings for very long, much less rein them in when they are bad, are always out there destroying and murdering each other with their thoughts. And so, what a sight! A woman would like to get rid of her husband. She has never dared to, but many times, by means of her thoughts, she has formed little assassins to carry out her plan! Fortunately, for the most part, human beings do not know the secret of materialization of thought, for you can be sure that they would use it more often for evil than for good.

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