Physical body

Free yourself from its domination

October 13th 2023

Everything in today’s culture primarily revolves around the needs of the physical body. But to be so concerned with satisfying the physical body is dangerous, for the body is vulnerable, perishable, and founding a culture on something that is destined to disappear so quickly has deplorable consequences for all that human beings do. Their reasoning and behaviour will necessarily be flawed because they are based on the wrong premise. Whereas if people strive to satisfy the needs of the soul and the spirit, which are not bound by the laws of time and space, everything they do will bear the mark of light and immortality. This will be the coming of the kingdom of God. If people currently manifest so little greatness and nobility, it is because they are dominated by their physical body. They must free themselves from it, and now place the soul and the spirit at the heart of their philosophy.*

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