Inner states

Change our view of the outer world

April 11th 2012
When you feel upset or unhappy, instead of allowing yourself to be overwhelmed and doing nothing about it (because you keep thinking nothing can be done!), try instead to react. And do so straightaway by connecting to heaven through meditation or prayer. As soon as you manage to improve your inner state, the whole world seems transformed, because you see it through different ‘spectacles’. Why do men and women find the world so beautiful when they are in love? Because everything within them has suddenly become beautiful and poetic. We often joke about those in love, whereas we should admire them and say, ‘Oh! Those two have so much to teach me!’ It may be winter, there may be fog or rain, but if they are about to meet, for them the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the scent of flowers fills the air, because they have spring within them. You will say subjectivity has taken over. Yes, of course, but the subjective world is precisely where God has hidden all powers.