Reaping what we have sown with our words and deeds

October 17th 2023

Gardeners who have failed to sow a crop do not revolt when they see none growing. They simply say to themselves, ‘It’s only natural, old thing – since you didn’t have time to sow carrots, you have no carrots, but you can have lettuce, parsley and onions because these you did sow.’ Yes, when it comes to fruits and vegetables, human beings are very knowledgeable, but when it comes to the realm of the soul or thought, they know nothing: they believe they will reap happiness, joy and peace, even as they sow violence, cruelty and wickedness. Well no, they will inevitably reap violence, cruelty and wickedness. However, as they do not understand this, they revolt against what is happening to them. Well, this proves that they are not good farmers. If they were enlightened, reasonable and prudent, if they watched over themselves so as not to sow, plant and propagate dark and destructive influences with their words, thoughts, writings or any other means, their destiny would improve.*

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