Heaven and earth

Their exchanges produce life

October 18th 2023

We are used to considering heaven and earth as two separate and even foreign or opposite realities. In fact, no, they are continually in contact with each other; otherwise, nothing can be explained. Heaven and earth... or even more simply, the sun and the earth: there is a constant stream of exchanges between them and it is these exchanges that produce life. We perceive very little of these exchanges at the moment. We see the sun’s rays beaming down upon us, but we do not see what also rises up from the earth towards the sun. Only clairvoyants have seen these beings who descend from the higher regions to work on the plants and stones, and then return to heaven once their work is done. Extraordinarily beautiful and poetic literature has been written on this subject, and one day you too will be able to contemplate these creatures coming and going between the earth and the sun, and even further away.*

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