The master and life

Together they educate human beings

October 20th 2023

When an instructor, a Master, sees that he is unable to make human beings wiser, he does not fuss or worry, for he knows that he has a great helper and ally: life. Since there is nothing the Master can do, life takes charge and gives those who are recalcitrant a few shakes. Unfortunately, human beings do not necessarily discover the truth by being shaken up, because life explains nothing. It delivers knocks, strikes them down and pummels them without giving an explanation. If they want explanations, they must seek out a Master. Together, the Master and life will educate them. When I see that I am not succeeding in enlightening someone and making them wiser, I call upon life and say, ‘Listen, take care of this one for me because they are hard-headed’. ‘Understood’, says life. And once life has given them a few hard knocks, as they do not understand why, life sends them back to me so that I can enlighten them.*

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