It is never too late to devote oneself to a sublime ideal

October 21st 2023

In order to devote one’s entire life to the Lord from a young age, a disciple must already have worked a great deal towards this during their previous incarnations. Otherwise, it is impossible. Even if you want to, you cannot, because your being does not vibrate, does not rejoice, is not inspired by this idea of devoting yourself to God; it simply does not appeal – on the contrary, it even frightens you. It is not possible for everyone to accept such a commitment. Even if, theoretically, philosophically, we understand the splendour of such an ideal, in practice, we cannot realize it because our whole being strains in other directions: there are other needs, other desires and other pleasures. For most of you, it is therefore very difficult to dedicate your life to a sublime ideal, but it is not too late to begin working towards it.*

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