Improving oneself

One of the best methods for doing this

April 12th 2012
It is difficult to improve oneself, and sometimes you find the results are not equal to the efforts you have made. But are you really using the methods I give you? There are many, but today I will just remind you of one. Talk to heaven, and say, ‘Now I understand; there is nothing I can do about my lower nature. It is stubborn, tough; I’ll never manage to change it. Yes, after all those wasted years, at last, heavenly spirits, I understand that I will get nowhere with it; it is not very bright; it is blind and malevolent. So, send me the purest, most perfect entities to take its place. Let these dwell in me, guide me, teach me and take over my whole life, so that I may succeed in realizing your plans, even in spite of myself.’ This is one of the best prayers in the world, and if you say it sincerely every day you cannot fail to experience good results.