Like nature, humans must apportion heat and moisture

October 31st 2023

Nature works with moisture and heat, but it knows how to apportion them. It provides moisture to make fruit grow, but if it gives too much, they rot. So, it sends heat, which dries and ripens the fruit; but if the heat is too intense, everything will be dried out and scorched, and there will be no fruit either. Nature uses moisture and heat in turn; it measures and gives them out in the right doses, and the fruits ripen! Why don’t human beings do the same in their own lives? If they asked themselves questions, if they tried to understand why they are unhappy, why they are misunderstood by their spouse, children, boss or neighbours, perhaps they would discover that there is something in them that needs to be sorted out, something that is not quite right. They are either lacking firmness or gentleness, they are too violent or too soft. Problems will resolve themselves when people figure out how to adjust, measure and apportion the elements properly, the way nature does, and then there will be an abundance of fruit – joy, happiness and harmony – all around them.*

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