Negative states

Learn to fly away by means of thought

November 1st 2023

Many people complain that they are obsessed, tormented, and on the verge of losing their minds. This is simply because they have come in contact with regions infested by the inferior entities that are enemies of humanity, and these entities are attacking them. Such people put up a struggle, of course, but as they are not strong enough to shake off their enemies, their struggle ends in defeat. They must find other ways of defending themselves. When a bird pecking at seeds on the ground sees a cat come along, what does the bird do? Does it wait and fight it out? No, it flies away. But human beings still do not understand what birds have always understood. Instead of taking flight, they stay and fight and, of course, they end by being stripped bare and massacred. You will say, ‘But how can I fly away?’ There are so many ways! You can use your willpower or your imagination; you can pray, or read or listen to music; you can invoke the memory of a luminous moment in your life, and so forth. There are so many possibilities to choose from. The real question is whether you have the will to free yourself. No, you just sit and do nothing about it except stuff yourself with pills and pester others with accounts of your anxieties and nightmares. It is time you put an end to this negative situation by learning to fly away.*

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