Of all our behaviour, made in the invisible

April 13th 2012
So many people imagine that if there is no one watching them or judging them they are free to do as they like! Under cover of this illusion, they allow themselves to commit all sorts of transgressions, even crimes. Well, it is time they knew the facts, which are that we are never alone, that we are constantly observed, watched by the invisible world, which records our thoughts, our feelings, our plans, our actions; and the whole of our future is dependent on what is contained in those recordings. Behaving impeccably in the visible world, to the extent of scrupulously respecting zebra crossings and traffic lights, will not prevent you from getting into trouble, from suffering pain and torment, because, quite simply, you have broken the divine laws. Never forget there is a committee before which we must all give an account of ourselves at all times. The day you truly succeed in conquering certain weaknesses and achieving inner harmony, you will receive a diploma. This diploma will be stuck to your face and your whole body, and the creatures of the invisible world will notice it and grant you their respect and their help.