Spiritual love

True happiness

November 3rd 2023

The love of many human beings is like a smoky stove that coats their inner being with soot. When the stove is alight, the windows are all closed, and the lack of air saps their vitality and makes them sluggish. But when the sun, spiritual love, comes out, the windows are thrown open to let in the fresh air, and they begin to revive. You should no longer rely so much on your stove, that is to say, on your lusts, passions, instincts and desires, for they oppose all that is most vital within you by keeping the windows of your soul closed and preventing the fresh air from entering. You need not be afraid that you will die of boredom if you base your life on moderation and reason. No, the day the sun of wisdom and divine love begins to shine upon you, you will see that the gratification of your passions, which once mattered so much to you, has gradually come to mean nothing. Your inner sanctum will become luminous and pure, and you will know true happiness.*

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